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Here are some frequently asked questions about property staging/styling. 

  • Why is Property Staging/Styling?
    The aim of property staging/styling is where a property stylist attends your property to install furnitures, decor and artworks to ensure your property is presented at its very best to your future home buyers. The high -end presentation attracts more buyers, makes your property stand out in the competitive markets, and to ensure that your property would have a quicker sale and highest possible price for your property.
  • Is Property Styling worth the investment?
    Profesional styling has been proved to increase your property's sale price compare to property's that weren't professionally styled. Research suggests that staging/styling a home for sale can increase the final property sale price by 7-15%.
  • How much does Property Staging/Styling cost?
    Property styling prices start from $2500 (Incl GST + Delivery) for a one-bedroom apartment and up to $8,000 (Incl GST + Delivery) or more for larger homes with multiple living and outdoor spaces. Property styling costs vary depending on factors such as the property size and access, as well as how much furniture and styling is required. Evolve can provide a Full or Partial Styling service where we might be able to use some of your existing furniture (if suitable) to reduce costs.
  • What is the difference betweent Full Property Staging/Styling and Partial Property Staging/Styling?
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